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Why Judge?

Judge Memorial provides an exceptional college preparatory, secondary, academic education within a diverse, Christian atmosphere. Our teachers, administrators, staff, families, and students have worked to establish a school of distinction in all pursuits: academic, athletic, creative, service, and spiritual. We provide this in an environment based on excellence, tradition, service, and faith. 
At Judge Memorial, Christian values and academic excellence go hand in hand. Judge Memorial is well-known for its commitment to academic excellence, character building, sportsmanship, and for producing graduates who are prepared and ready to make a contribution to society.  Students learn the value of hard work, generosity toward others, and respect. A successful student is well-rounded in academics and is also an active participant in the life of the school through involvement in activities, athletics, and service. 
Judge Memorial is recognized and respected for encouraging students of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds to reach their full potential; to prepare for the rigors of a university education; to participate in community service; and ultimately, to return a full measure of value and character to society. 
Simply put, Judge Memorial students are prepared for success.
Don't just take our word for it, hear from the voices of Judge Alumni and the Colleges and Universities that Judge Memorial students attend.....