Flat Bulldog

Flat BulldogAs part of Judge's 100 Year Celebration, Flat Bulldogs (similar to Flat Stanley but instead it is a Judge bulldog) are traveling to alumni around country and the world.   Each alumnus that receives one takes a picture of themselves with the Flat Bulldog and posts it on social media while tagging Judge Memorial. Then they write their name and class year on the back and send it on to another alumnus.
Our hope is these bulldogs will travel across the world to help connect all Judge alumni. At the end of the year, we will share them virtually with the Judge community and then include them in the centennial time capsule.
Check out where they are traveling so far!
Here's just a few photos of alumni with Flat Bulldog!
LordanClaire Lordon '08
Lucy Hoek 61Lucy Hofnagil Hoek '61
Maureen Gallegos 61Maureen Baker Gallegos '61
Jim Estes
Jim Estes '61
Dolowitz 87
David Dolowitz '87
Sean Walker '01 & Sean Young '01
Dan Beck 61
David Beck '61
Lambert 97
Patrick Lambert '97
Dewitz 61
Shari Colwell Dewitz '61
Green John 61
John C. Green '61
Jeff Paoletti
Jeff Paoletti '61
Paul Hill 61
Paul Hill '61
Jessica Pechmann
Jessica Pechmann '05
Gen Stearns
Genevieve Bilanzich Stearns '97
Dana Lombardi
Dana Lombardi '92
LaShell Robinson
LaShell Robinson '01
Jackie Leatham
Jackie Gardner Leatham '61
Julie WildJulie Paulson Wild '82
Stephen Hemmersmeier '13
Deborah Rogozinski '89
There are still some available so if you would like to be a part of history and participate in Flat Bulldog, contact Joyce Munson 
If you've received a Flat Bulldog, you can click below for the instructions.