$100 for 100 Years


JM 100


A CENTURY OF SUCCESS is a great achievement and we are very proud to be able to celebrate this milestone. Through the support of individuals like you, Judge Memorial has successfully navigated the ever-changing landscape of educational needs for our students and faculty over the last 100 years. 


TO COMMEMORATE THE FOUNDING of Judge Memorial Catholic High School in 1921, an exciting milestone challenge is being issued to our community. We have set a goal to raise $1 Million dollars this year to further advance our ability to meet the rapidly changing academic needs and challenges of our 21st Century students. 


YOUR GIFT WILL HELP SUPPORT students, faculty and staff through the following ways especially as we continue to weather the COVID-19 pandemic:

    • Further development of our innovative digital curriculum
    • Increased tuition assistance for students and families
    • Technology advancements for the classroom
    • Meeting the PPE and health safety needs of our students, faculty, staff, and community


To reach this goal, we are inviting each of you to show your support with a minimum $100 contribution. 

Of course, we would welcome any amount!


DURING THESE UNSETTLING TIMES, we are grateful for your support, commitment, and partnership as we look forward to our next 100 years.


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100 Year Tumbler





In appreciation, we will be giving out an exclusive Judge Memorial 100 Year engraved wine tumbler each month to five people who have participated in this $100 for 100 Years fundraising campaign.  

The people below with a by their name are the lucky winners.





THANK YOU to the following people who have participated in the $100 for 100 Years fundraising campaign as of 9/2/21.   
Bruce and Lynda Adams Jacob '00 and Carrie Kresser
Cody Adams '88 Denise Kruse '84 *
Virginia and Dominic Albo John Kunzweiler
John '82 and Nymfa Allem Amy Kusek '85 *
Chad Allen '92 Max Lamb '10
Jason Allen '89 Joseph Lahey '67
Jeff and Mindy Allen Patrick '97 and Hilary Lambert
Roland and Patti Allen Robert and Cathy Lambert
Sara Allen '94 Harriet Lawrence
William '53 and Elizabeth Allen Jacqueline Fardner Leatham '61
Nicholas Aloia '94 Darold and Patti LeClaire
Dominique McCarthey Aragon '97 and Eric Aragon Howard and Nancy Lemcke
Larry and Patricia Aragon * David '84 and Mindy Leo
Lorraine Amstrong '75 Stephen Lewis and Colette Ausseresses
Gina '91 and Tammer Attallah Tina '68 and Fred Lewis
Rick and Nancy Augustine Joe '88 and Jennifer Libin
Raquel '90 and Jedd Austin * Susan Petrick Ligori '70 and Joseph Ligori *
Brett '87 and Michelle Backman Conner Liston '12
Tony Bailey '74 Dan '81 and Joni Liston 
Nancy Hogarty Baker '67 and Lew Baker Sean Liston '14
Shannon Baker and Bradley Klemesrud William '54 and Nancy Liston
Paula Badgett '81 Michael and Jennifer Lloyd *
Mrs. Alethia Bapis Chatzis '94 Louise '58 and Donald Lochhead
Catherine Flesher Barajas '84 and Jose Barajas * Karin Lockovitch
Mary L. Barber Richard and Susan Lockwood
Camille Barraclough '01 * Gary '71 and Collette Logan *
Bill '86 and Tori Batt Matt Lollini '06
Jeff Beaudry Roberta Lopez '69
Shawna Beaudry Beverly Lords '60
Zach '96 and Kelley Beaudry Katheriene Reeves Lords '49
Matthew Becker '84 Cindi Louie '76 and Dan Kaschmitter
Brian '86 and Sarah Behle * Gerald Lynch '65
Mary Ellen Bell '57 Melanie and Paul Lyon
Alexander Benjamin '10 Diane and Jim Mackin *
Ivor and Carol Benjamin * Stevan Madrigal '73 and Ann Struble Madrigal '72
James Bennett '87 Michael and Patricia Maggio
Carl Benvegnu '55 Ann and John Malooly
Jon Bernal  Jessica '94 and Stephen Mandala
Barbara Berry '49 Mary Marinac '86
James '92 and Jo Berry Aaron Marquez '81 *
Kate and David Bills Robert and Cheryl Martin
Rev. Monsignoir Colin Bircumshaw Michael Marushack '78 and Gena Frederick
Tyler Bissett Alex Matinkah '09
Thomas and Catherine Bobbe Angie Matinkah
Alexandra and Adam Bond Dustin Matinkah '07
Heather Bonn Gabrielle Matinkah '11
Denise S. Bonvouloir '00 Ramona and Jack Mayer
Dr. T. Lee and Kathleen Bourne Matt '97 and Heather McAfee
Erin and Robert Bowers Rachele McCarthey '93 and Brock Van De Kamp
John Bowler and Beverly Chang Jane McDonough '86 and Patrick McLaughlin  
John '79 and Stephanie Boyd Peggy McDonough '82 and Patrick Jan
Clara '52 and Paul '52 Brennan Mike McGinley '66
Matt '68 and Mary Brennan Michale '67 and Loretta McHugh
Pat and Linda Brimmer Andrew McMinimee '06
John Broomell Kate McMinimee '09
Ross '84 and Andrea Brunetti Sally McMinimee *
Thomas Bullock '03 Sean McMinimee '14
Emily Burchett '11 Carol Menotti Oliver '52
Jerry '71 and Cynthia Burchett Montel Hawksworth Menting * 
Laura Burchett Sasala '07 Christopher '66 and Kathy Merritt
Mary Burchett '05 Joe Merritt '62 *
Sarah Burchett '02 Mary Kathleen and Heath Meyer '72
Robert and Karen Burks * Charles '88 and Krista Miller *
Jane Burnham '64 Michael Misiswicz '00
Joan Burns '73 Joy Miya and Jeff Titmus
Mike Burns '85 Adam and Joan Moffat
Al Cairo '83 Paul Mogren and Marie Brezny
Emily Callanan Maehler '96 Christine Mondja
Matt Callanan '04 John Moran and Mary Laufenberg Moran '62
Tom and Shirley Callanan * Nicole Bethers Moreno '93 and Shane Moreno
Rosalea Cameron and Nelson Roy Leslie Morginson Eitzen '61
Trey Campbell Megg Morin
Anthony J. Caputo '59 Gig Morris '04
Cathy Caputo Hoskins '57 James and Sylvia Morris *
Tom Carlson '89 and Vicki Brakl Christopher and Katie Muck
Tim Carr '71 John and Cynthia Murphy
Lisa Carricaburu '83 and Robert Maxwell Dennis and Nancy Bailey Murray '66 *
Rebecca Rhodes Carroll '86 Anthony and Teresa Musci
William Cassun '69 James Mutscheller '03 and Dr. Chelsea Stephenson Mutscheller '04
Robert Cavill '51 Stanley '64 and Marianne Myles
Gina M. Cecala Elizabeth Hipley Nafus '83 and Mike Nafus *
Peeches Cederholm '72 * Ralph and Valerie Nagasawa
Jacinta and James Chadwick * Brandy Stanfield Nagel '87
Steve '73 and Meg Chambers * K.B. and S.M. Naylor
Dr. Susan K. Chilton and Richard Dunlap Greg '76 and Sandi Neville
Carrie '93 and Scott Christensen Margaret Brennan Neville '76 and John Neville
Andy Cier '80 and Marilyn Ivers Cier '79 Lindsay '01 and Tim Newlin
Langdon Clark DiAnn Pecenka Nichelso '72 and Gary Nichelson
Trudy Bilanjic Cohen '82 and Scott Cohen '82 Damon Nicholson '86 and Natalie Klement Nicholson '88
Howard and Paula Coleman Pamela Noetling
Martin and Elinor Colman  John O'Brien '73 and Lisa O'Brien
John Conboy and Rachel Slade Brian '75 and Cory '80 O'Reilly 
John Conway '77 * Kelly and Majid Omana *
Jennifer Toomer Cook '00 and Mike Johnson * Carmen Brunatti Ontiveros '62
Christopher Coombs '12 * Gregory Orme
Gil Cordova '56 Mary and Alan Owens
Mark and Lee Cotter Jolyn Fratto-Oyler and Francis Oyler
Jerry '67 and Gerry Coupe Duane and Karla Padilla
J. Patrick and Kristin Craddock Anne Palmer
Tyler and Bernadette Cruickshank Todd and Jodie Palmer
Anne Cummins Gerald '67 and Sandra Pando
Michael '82 and Lisa Curtin Jeff '61 and Linda Paoletti
Jerry '73 and Lois Dalpiaz Rachel and Beau Parent
David and Susan Daly Ken Passarella '72
Paula Willaims Dare '87 and Heather Williams '90 Myron and Robin Patterson
Russ '64 and Dona Davoren Joanna '95 and Frank Pedroza
Eathan R. Dean '19 David and Lauri Perry
Mary DeBernard Burbank '81 Gary Perryman
Robert and Holly DeCarolis Anne Corbett Pert '74 *
Patrice '80 and John Decorrevont * Michael and Angela Petrogeorge
Guy '60 and Patricia DeLong Tonya and Bartley Pickron
Linda '86 and Rich Dewhirst  Mickey '85 and Nancy Pierce
Mariss Diener and Christopher Yannelli Zachary '93 and Stephanie Pino
Jim and Lori Dillon Elizabeth Loretto Pinsonault '59
David Disorbio Donna Lyons Pollard '61
David Dolowitz '87 Lisa Poppleton
Sharon Donovan '71 Todd Marvin Porter '86
Randy and Carrie Drown Joann Price '71
Rebecca '68 and Fred Duberow Susan Wilson Purol '81
Gretchen '88 Semerad DuBois and Jeff DuBois George Raine '64
Liam Duffy '00 Tammy Rassmussen Moore
Judith Eagan '61 * David '94 and Lexanne Ravarino
Thomas Erbin '73 John '65 and Patricia Smith Ravarino '65
John '61 and Lin Eugster John Patrick Reeves '43
Terry L. Evans '66 Mary Pauline Reeves '49
Lisa and Mike Ewing Ronald and Deborah Richter
Roger '66 and Carol Fallon Roger '62 and Jeannette Riley
Robert and Sarah Farr Ann Robinson
Richard '65 and Joy Fassio Kent and Brenda Roche
Damon '85 and Brenda Fedor Kathy '61 and Mike Rodman
Stanley and Tracy Finn Michael and Elizabeth Rollins
Rev. Monsignor J. Terrence Fitzgerald '54 Jerome and Lisa Romero
Nathan and Marion Florence Ross and Cecilla Romero
Tanya Florin '89 and Heath Chung Diane Roney
Steve Floor '73 Lisa Tedesco Rose '88
Chelise Floyd '92 Mary Roser '58 and Jim Micallef
Linda Fontenot Sarah Crowther Ross '98
Maribeth Foster '81 Joel Rotta '80
Kelly Francone '80 and Dan Gimble Barbara Russo
Dominic Furano '02 Michelle Russo '88
Eugene Francisco '96 Therese Russo '69
Shawn and Beth French BJ and Joan Ryan
Nick '02 and Kristin Fuoco Joe and Ann Sasich
Matthew Gaddis '89 James '87 and Melina '88 Scarcelli
Victor and Elvia Galindo Lisa Schneckloth Scarth '93 and Derek Scarth
Edward Gallegos '80 * Michelle Cervino Scheving '84
Maureen Baker Gallegos '61 and Joe Gallegos Robert '70 and Kim Schovaers
Mickey '63 and Sharee Gallivan Carolyn Schubach
Donald Jay Gamble '60 Roger Schultz '64
Rick '88 and Corinna Garcia Shirley Schultz '59
Chris '68 and Marcie Gardner Lauren Freed Scott '82 and Larry Scott *
Greg Gardner '63 Matt '03 and Terri Scott
Mary '75 and Jeff  '75 Garrett Leigh '69 and Sandra Sedgwick
Michael and Elaine George Martha Seiner
Jim and Laura Gibbons William and Lucille Selfridge
Nancy '72 and Dan Gibbs Pam Marron Sewell '74
Paul G. Giovacchini '75 David '70 and Katherine Shepard
Susan Goodwin Frank and Helen Shiflar
Forrest and Maria Gray Junnie Shiotani
Katrina and Matt Grantz David and Allison Shwalb
Gary '92 and Jeramie '97 Green Vicky Young Simpson '74 and David Simpson
Arthur '63 and Margo Griffin Mike '88 and Jessica '88 Skorut
Gerald F. Griffin '70 Chris and Mary Sloan *
Christopher Griggs '79 Cole '03 and Alicia Sloan *
Peter '72 and Peggy Grisley Sean Sloan '13
Andrew J. Grose '61 Dan Sluder '02 *
Pamela Grubaugh-Littig '69 and William Littig * Julien Smith and Martin Alfred 
Melissa '71 and Kurt Guseman Natalie Smith
Aaron Guss '93 Ray and Valerie Smith
Stephen '67 and Beth Guss Thomas Smith '02
Sharon Guthrie Daniel and Anne Smyth
John and Marci Hall * Joyce Soprano and Tom Chell *
Peter and Beth Hanlon John Sparano
Mark and Carolyn Harlan Jack Stahl
Brother Harold Hathaway Heather Stanga '00
Christina Hawley '99 Brent and Mindy Steele *
Laura Hazel Amy '88 and Marco Stevanoni *
Joseph Hebert '77 Kathleen Skillings Stewart '80 and Tom Stewart '80
Fred Hefferon '69 Catherine Olsen Stokes '87 and Christopher Stokes
Wayne Hentschel Patrick '60 and JoAnn Stone *
William and Sue Herodes * Emily Strand '12
Richard and Carol Herold Erica Strand '20
Cynthia '76 and Edward Hikida Renee Strand * 
Benton and Marilyn Hildebrand * John '80 and Karen Stransky
Kathy Cronin Hill '70 and Chris Hill Richard and Kari Strehl
Paul Hill '61 and Alice Helldoefer Tony '59 and Kathleen Strelich *
Rise Hirabayashi Nevada Strickland-Green '04
Timothy G. Holdener '82 Jesse Stuart '84
Mike Holland '69 and Faye Mellos Carol Miller Sumser '49
Becky Holt Johnson '01 Julie Sutton
Cece and Bob Holt Sonny '63 and Kathy '63 Tangaro
Keri Holt '96 * Christopher Tartaro '91 and Alison Faux-Tartaro
Robby Holt '97 Bill and Delores Taylor
Tricia Holt Shaw '99 Paulette Fassio Tedesco '64 and Fred Tedesco
Lynde Hoopes Thomas and Suzanne Terry
Brent '91 and Lori Howa Ron '61 and Marie Tippets
David and Paula Howe Carter Titmus '20
Peter and Rhea Hristou Miya Titmus '12
Sue Hanson Huberty '84 and Michael Huberty John R. Tobinski '66 *
Robert '74 and Valerie Huelskamp Ric '84 and Ann Trentman
Carol and John Huffman Edward Trosper '75
Lexie Humphrey '13 * Amber Ramon Tsumas '92 and John Tsumas
Betsy Hunt John '60 and Mary Kay Turner *
Geoffrey Hunt '01 Jeanie Underwood '73
Lyn '58 and Harold Isbell * Tracey and John Valentine
James '66 and Sandy Ivers Patricia VanDerck '42
Gary and Hope Jensen Angela '93 and Chris VanDijk
Kimberly Jew Ed and Alethea Varra
Kimberly Johnston William and Melanie Ventura
Dr. Erica Johnstone and Ryan Johnstone Benny and Amy Vigil
G. Frank and Pam Joklik Clare Wallin '95
Eleanor Mackin Jorgensen '61 and Ronald Jorgensen Craig and Carolyn Wallin
Andrea Kaplan Geoffrey Wallin '93
Lisa Albo Katz '82 and Robert Katz Dawn Sconfienza Warner '72 and Martin Warner
Jim and Maggie Kearns Roseanne '70 and Jerry Webber
John Kearns '12 Keith '68 and Maurianne Webster
Michael Kearns '15 Timothy '81 and Susan Welsh
Kathleen and Michael Keller * Patrick Whalen '75
R. Wesley and Jen Keller * Sylvia Wightman '44
Edward J. Kelly Gina Trentman Williford '85 and Lee Williford
Michael '68 and Martha Kelly * Virginia Madrigal Williford '68
Thomas '91 and Andrea Kendell J. Daniel Wilson '98
Trey Kennedy '10 Jean M. Wilson '83
Arthur l. Kimball '59 John '69 and Lynn '70 Harner Wilson *
Susan Dean Kimball Rebecca Wilson '98
Angeline '57 and Daniel Kinnaman Cheryl Winters '18
Lesley '87 and Kevin Kinney Dennis and Betty Winters
Vicki and Gene Kinney Mary Winters '15
Matt Kitterer '89 Michael Wolfe
Kris '70 and Mike Kladis Maureen Crowley Woodley '74
Jim and Hermione Klekas Kimberly and Brian Young
Andrew and Lorraine Kocik  
Mark Kocik '03  
Irene Elizondo Kramer '69 and Rabbi Scott Kramer