Class of 2017 Senior Spotlight

Will Ryan

Will was the Student Body President at Judge Memorial this past year. He attended J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School prior to Judge. Will was one of the top 10 graduates recognized for achievement in A.P. and Honors courses. He was accepted to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. 

“Judge has been instrumental in the development of my whole person. The social interaction and emotional connection between all the students has clearly illustrated for the importance of genuine relationships, as well as how to build and maintain them. This is a great characteristic of Judge because we can practice and develop these skills in a family-like environment so we are ready for real world interactions upon graduation.

Academically, Judge has unveiled that I am capable of so much more than I anticipated. Judge fosters and pushes students to strive for academic achievement, rather than fall into mediocrity in the classroom. As I matured as a student, the drive to work hard in school began to come from within, rather than from a teacher or advisor.

Judge's various service projects and volunteer opportunities have built my citizenship because the school exposed me to how volunteering and community involvement benefits everyone where you live. I've learned to take pride in where I'm from and have a passion to serve.”

Induction Day in Annapolis was June 29, 2017 and certainly a day that Will's family will never forget. Will's parents recently shared the following:
"We appreciate all your efforts in helping [Will] achieve his goals. We have no doubt that the opportunities presented to Will at Judge helped shape the young man he is, and will have long lasting effects that will help him be successful in his journey ahead."