Oliver ’17 selected as PBS NewsHour Youth Journalist

Mary Oliver ’17 selected as PBS NewsHour Youth Journalist


PBS NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs has selected three youth journalists to participate in a pilot apprenticeship program in Washington, D.C., in summer 2016. These aspiring storytellers will work alongside the SRL team to hone their journalism skills while producing original news reports.


Judge Memorial junior Mary Oliver, is one of three student-journalists selected from a nation-wide pool.


“I feel very privileges to have been chosen for this opportunity – only one of three students out of all the PBS’s student reporting labs so I know I am very lucky to have been awarded this opportunity,” said Mary. “I am most looking forward to being able to work with professionals and getting to see how they do their jobs everyday. I want to learn everything I can from them and this unique opportunity.”


Mary is enthusiastic about journalism and filmmaking of all kinds. After graduation, the rising senior aspires to study journalism and Spanish in college, with hopes to create documentaries about people living below the poverty line in third-world countries. She is eager to develop her skills and gain insights into what it takes to be successful in the real world and will use the apprenticeship to shape and achieve her future goals.


“Mary does great work in a lot of capacities,” said Chris Sloan. “In my class she has shown herself to be a talented designer, photographer, videographer, and editor. But she's also a standout English student and a valued member of the LitMag. Her work on the most recent Bulldog Broadcast says a lot about her. She and some other students spent long hours after school and on the weekend to get the episode out on time, and it was an excellent product. This, in addition to all of her other honors/AP classes and her other commitments, I thinks she's just amazing.”


Mary reports that her favorite topics to report about are people or events that are often overlooked. “I am interested in one day being able to travel the world and produce stories about remarkable people, places, and events hidden in pockets of the world that most people are unfamiliar with.”


Apprentices were chosen by a selection committee composed of the SRLstaff and teachers, including Judge’s own Chris Sloan.


“I owe this opportunity to Mr. Sloan,” said Mary of her mentor. “He has already taught me so much just this year, and has been amazing in getting us the ability to work with PBS in the first place. I am so grateful to him for everything he has done and does every day.”


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posted May 18, 2016