Judge Memorial Catholic High School


Textbooks: Buyback & Drop-off Dates

Judge Memorial will be changing textbook vendors from Follet Books to MBS Direct. If you are participating in the 2017 Book Buyback days (May 16, 25 and 26) or you currently have book rentals from Follett, PAY ATTENTION!!

MBS is happy to purchase textbooks back that meet their quality assurance standards. But you will need to follow the instructions provided in the attached document on “How to Sell Back Your Books”. The steps outlined in the document will need to be done PRIOR to the Book Buyback and Drop-Off dates of: Tuesday, May 16 for seniors, Thursday, May 25 and Friday, May 26 for underclassmen (and for seniors if they missed the May 16 date).

You will need to access the online MBS bookstore at http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/judgememorial.htm and enter in the ISBNs of the books you wish to sell to see if they have buyback value. Create or update your account to ensure accurate delivery address and payment information. You will then need to finalize you buyback quote. The quote will then be emailed to you. Print this quote from your email. Bring the quote along with the books you wish to sell back to the Book Buyback or Drop-Off Days on: Tuesday, May 16 for seniors, Thursday, May 25 and Friday, May 26 for underclassmen (and seniors if they missed the May 16 date). Check out this great video, "How to Create a Quote" that may help:

If you used Follett Books for book rentals, and you need to return them back to Follett, please see the attached document on “Book Rental Return Instructions”. You must mail your book back to FOLLETT through FedEx Prior to the return date. They will NOT be accepted at the Buyback or Drop-Off days. 

You will need to logon to your Follett account at: http://www.bkstr.com/efollettstore/home. You will be able to process your rental order and create a shipping label and packing slip for free shipping through FedEx. Your books must be mailed through FedEx prior to the return date listed on your receipt. If you need assistance, you may call Follett Customer Service at 888-FVC-3383.

The information provided above summarizes the process. For complete details, please refer to the attachments below regarding the complete steps to selling back and returning your books.