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Scholarship Opportunities: 2017-2018

 Scholarships Available for 2017-2018

Judge Memorial is pleased to announce the following three scholarships available for the 2017-2018 school year. Please be sure to read the requirements for each, and to submit all materials requested by the deadline.


Hard copies of these applications may be picked up in the Advancement Office. For those wishing to access electronic copies, please see the file attachments below.


Alumni Alliance Scholarship

The Judge Memorial Alumni Alliance Scholarship is awarded each year in the late spring to a deserving Judge Memorial rising sophomore, junior and/or senior to assist with tuition costs for that student’s upcoming school year. The selection team will consider the academic performance and financial needs of qualified students in selecting a recipient. Up to two awards of $500.00 each will be applied to the fall tuition of the upcoming school year for the individual student(s) selected. The Award is managed by the Judge Memorial Advancement Office and Finance Office. Application deadline is March 24, 2017. Click here for a PDF of the Alumni Alliance Scholarship application.


Demi Candelaria Scholarship

The Demi Candelaria Scholarship is awarded each year in late spring, with approximately $1,000.00 for one girls’ basketball player and one girls’ soccer player each awarded for the upcoming school year. The scholarship awards will be managed by the Judge Memorial Finance Office and at the discretion of the recipients’ parents. Applicant must be a currently enrolled Judge female student, and a rising sophomore, junior, or senior. Application deadline is March 24, 2017. Click here for a PDF of the Demi Candelaria Scholarship application.