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contact: Mr. George Angelo, gangelo@judgememorial.com
Physical Exams at the UUOC for 2017-2018November 9, 2017 at 6:00PM
Each year, students at Judge must meet several requirements to participate in athletics, one being a yearly physical exam. The University Orthopedic Center is providing an opportunity to get your athlete's physicals done for the winter/spring season! The physicals will be on November 9, 2017 at 6:00PM at the University Orthopedic Center. If you want your child to attend the physicals he/she must sign up with George Angelo in Room 318! There is a $25 fee which is due when the athlete signs up, so if no payment is provided they will not be added to the list. 
Where:  2nd floor of the University Orthopedic Center, 590 Wakara Way Salt Lake City UT 84108

 November 9th, 2017

 6:00PM - If athlete arrives later than 20-30 minutes after 6PM, they will NOT be able to get a physical.

When to sign up?: Every day up to November 9th; payment required to sign up!
What you need for the physical: Physicals form, found on Register My Athlete
If you have any questions or concerns please contact:
Jenny Zehner: jenny.zehner@utah.edu
Certified Athletic Trainer
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The Judge Memorial Catholic High School Sports Medicine Program continues to add programs that help to keep our student-athletes safe with key prevention programs. Parents, and families are always free to stop by or give us a call with anything we can do to help your student-athlete lead a healthy, productive scholastic career. We love talking about our program, and sharing with you the most current information on sports-related injuries, training and program. Your support of Sports Med in time, talent and treasure is deeply appreciated. Go Bulldogs!
Impact testing: UUOC and Judge began our concussion testing years in advance of current legislation and UHSAA regulations. Concussions are a big part of the news these days, ranging from the NFL to youth sports. The State has established standards for medical care of concussions, along with parent-student education programs. Judge has completed all of the training for the sports medicine team and is ready to provide the important education to the coaches and Judge student-athletes. Concussion testing will continue for all our student-athletes, with a focus on all contact sports. This impact testing and concussion recovery program is provided at no cost to Judge Athletic Teams due to our partnership with the UUOC. Here are the general guidelines for return to play following a concussion: Once the athlete has been symptom free for 24 hours we can begin the steps to return the athlete to full activity. If at any time the symptoms return, return to activity is stopped until the athlete is symptom free for another 24 hours. Generally, we will complete one step per day.
• Step 1. Impact test: if score is within normal range, move to step 2.
• Step 2. Exertion test (athlete runs or bikes): if symptoms do not return, move to step 3.
• Step 3. Practice (athlete must attend a full practice): if symptoms do not return, athlete can return to full activity. Please note, a game cannot be used to complete step three.
More on Concussions in Sports: In a national study completed by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), concussions were the second most common injury among the country’s high school athletes after ankle sprains and strains. In addition, about 40% of those with concussions return to play before being cleared by qualified medical personnel. NFHS sport rule books for this year, as well as the UHSAA Handbook, will contain suggested guidelines for concussion management and administration. A free course on concussion management developed by the NFHS is available online (www.nfhslearn.com) and is an excellent resource. The 20-minute course provides education and instruction about concussions and the actions to take when a concussion is present. For the latest information regarding concussion in sports: NFHS Web site (www.nfhs.org) or the CDC Web site (http://www.cdc.gov/concussion).
PEAK Lab Biometric Testing: PEAK Academy is a research and testing facility at the University of Utah. Three years ago, PEAK began a program of fitness testing for athletes. The “biometric” testing provides performance components such as body mass, cholesterol, diabetes and an option V02 testing. At a reduced cost for the Judge community, PEAK testing has allowed athletes to better develop a training regime and seek optimal performance. Stop by the Sports Medicine Office to talk to one of the sports medicine professional for more details.
Insurance Reminder: All athletes must carry a current insurance policy to participate in sports. For more details, please see Scott Platz, Director of Athletics.