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Retreat Program

Judge Memorial Retreat Program

Retreats at Judge Memorial Catholic High School are part of the Ministry curriculum and fall under the umbrella of the Theology/Campus Ministry Program. It is the responsibility of Campus Ministry to organize and facilitate at least one retreat per grade level each year at Judge. We believe in taking time to stop and reflect, therefore, participation in retreats is required by all students regardless of their faith tradition and every effort is made to make these retreats inclusive of all.

We know schedules can be full, and we make every effort to accommodate all of our students. Campus ministry works closely with the dean’s office, the activities office, and the athletics office to ensure that all students are scheduled on the day that is best for them. Retreats are part of the Judge Memorial curriculum and attendance is required.

The Catholic Faith has a long history of encouraging and developing retreats. Traditionally, retreats are a time to "strip away" outside influences so that those on the retreat can be more fully focused on God. Historically, retreats began with the advent of monasticism. After St. Benedict wrote his famous "Rule" for monastic living, religious men and women entered a way of living that resembled that of a “permanent retreat.” Monks lived in communities where all of their time was devoted to working and praying in such a way as to be completely removed from all outside influences. Laity (Catholics who were not monks) would visit monasteries for education (spiritual or temporal) and for solitude but would not stay to live permanently. Today, many monasteries still exist. Locally, here in Utah, we have monasteries where Trappist Monks, Carmelites Nuns, and Benedictine Sisters live and work. 

This retreat "tradition" has remained with us until today and is the model we try to emulate. While we do not "retreat" into a monastery for our Judge retreats, we do try to create an environment at our retreats that is conducive to spiritual growth and free from outside distractions. We want our students to be able to "get away from it all" for a day and focus on spiritual realities and their relationship with God. To do this, we routinely hold retreats at neighboring churches or other locations. 

Our retreats are full of a variety of activities including prayer, song, games, small group and large group discussions, reading, journaling, and silent reflection time. Retreats have a specific theme for each grade level. 


Leaders:   All retreats are chaperoned by Faculty, Staff, and Parents and are facilitated by the Peer Ministers.

What to bring on Retreat: Your son or daughter will need to bring a sack lunch on retreat. They will not need much more than that unless otherwise instructed. Dress for retreats is the same as for Fridays at Judge; in other words, uniform bottoms and spirit/pride shirts. Electronic devices should be left at home or kept out of sight and turned off.

Can parents volunteer to help with a Retreat:  Yes, we encourage parents to volunteer. Stay tuned for details as individual retreat dates are announced.

Permission Slips: Permission slips are sent out at least two weeks in advance. Please sign them and return them quickly. 

Coordinating Retreats with Athletics/Activities: Every effort is made to accommodate all of our students. There are always two options for retreats so if there is a conflict on one day, your son or daughter is able to attend on the alternate day. Campus ministry works closely with the Dean’s Office, the Activities Office, and the Athletics Office to ensure that all students are scheduled on the day that is best for them. Retreats are part of the Judge Memorial curriculum and attendance is required.