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Students 4 Students

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It is time for our Students 4 Students Fundraiser and we are asking each family to encourage student participation and support this important fund raising event. This student-led fundraising campaign helps to sustain Judge’s commitment to keep our school affordable for all families regardless of their financial circumstances. The contributions we receive from this campaign directly benefit tuition reduction, academic, activities, and athletic programs at Judge. Every student at Judge benefits from our tuition assistance program as the annual tuition only covers 75% of the actual educational costs.  
How we all benefit!

In addition to the satisfaction of giving back to the school and to our Judge community, students have the opportunity of receiving the following rewards as incentives….

  • Jeans On Friday! - For each and every $50 donation, eligible students will be able to wear jeans on Fridays. A wristband will be given to eligible students to be worn with jeans on the first Friday following the turn-in date of their qualifying donation.

  • Toasty Tuesdays! - With any $100 donation, eligible students will be allowed to wear any appropriate sweatshirt or hoodie of their choosing on Tuesdays.

  • Detention Credit! - Students who bring in $150 in donations, will be entered into a drawing to receive a credit for a detention relating to a gum fine or a uniform violation. Not to be used for a Friday detention. Two winners every Tuesday!
  • Prime Parking Place! - For each and every $150 donation, eligible students will be entered into a drawing to receive a parking spot in front of the school for the rest of the school year! Even if you carpool, your driver may use this parking spot -- so everyone benefits! (One winner)
  • Sweatshirts for a Week! - For the grade/class with the highest total in donations, they will be able to wear sweatshirts for a week. (Week to be determined)
  • “Principal for a Day!” - For any student who brings in the total goal of $30K, the qualifying student will assume the role of Principal for a day. (Date to be determined)
  • Free Dress! - If the school's goal of $30,000 is met, the ENTIRE SCHOOL will be able to wear free dress for a day! (Date to be determined) 
  • SUGGEST A REWARD! - If students take the “Principal’s Challenge” of doubling the school's goal, students may pitch ideas to Student Council or Principal Lambert for consideration! Any creative and reasonable reward idea will be considered! Keep in mind, your ideas need to include the entire school!
How we do it! 
The Students 4 Students fundraiser is a direct sponsorship campaign.  Students ask friends, neighbors, and relatives, to make a contribution toward their overall goal. Students are encouraged to set higher fundraising goals for themselves of $150, $500 or even the full annual tuition of a single student. 
Why we do it!
Directly or indirectly every student at Judge, including your child, receives tuition assistance. The true annual cost to educate a student is $2,300 more than the annual tuition individual students pay.  The Students 4 Students fundraiser not only helps with tuition reduction but also provides additional financial support for our academic, activities, and athletic programs.  The program also instills a sense of pride and responsibility in our students as they are able to help others by giving back to their school. 
Fall 2017 Collection Dates
Wednesday, September 13:  Kickoff
Monday, September 18
Friday, September 22
Tuesday, September 26
Friday, September 29
Tuesday, October 3
Friday, October 6
Tuesday, October 10
Friday, October 13
Tuesday, October 17: Final Collection

Let’s raise the roof Bulldogs!