Judge Memorial Catholic High School



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On behalf of the students, faculty, and staff, thank you for the many ways you support Judge Memorial Catholic High School. Your dedicated and generous support of the students and programs allows us to continue the valuable mission and tradition of excellence that is Judge. Every gift makes a difference and is truly the most meaningful way you can enrich the educational experience at Judge.
Since 1921, the students of Judge Memorial have benefited from the generosity of individuals who support the school's mission, understand the importance of a good education, and derive great satisfaction from helping others achieve their educational goals. Judge Memorial cannot exist financially on tuition payments alone. We invite you to consider how you might contribute a lasting and valuable gift towards Judge Memorial's continued excellence. 
To bring Judge Memorial’s mission to life, Judge strives to keep tuition affordable and accessible by charging less than the true cost of education.
The tuition dollars simply do not cover the total day-to-day costs necessary to educate a student at Judge. The true cost per student is about $2,500 more than the full annual tuition individual students pay. In addition to maintaining a lower tuition, Judge provides need-based tuition assistance.  This academic year, 66% of students receive tuition-based assistance. 
We ask all families to take note of this financial information and consider helping fund this gap, either by pay the full tuition rate or bridging the gap to cover the total cost of educating a student at Judge.  Any additional amounts you donate will be reflected as a tax deductible donation. 

For information on these and other giving opportunities:
  • Please contact the Judge Memorial Catholic High School Advancement Office, 801-517-2166.
  • Please also visit our "Ways to Give" page for additional opportunities. We appreciate your support.
  • Please also visit our "Wish List" page for even more options. Thank you for thinking of Judge Memorial.