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Why We Give

Why We Give

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The Annual Fund
Each year, Judge Memorial Catholic High School conducts an Annual Fund Campaign to raise funds that are necessary to maintain and enhance the excellent education provided to students – funds that meet the operating expenses of the school not covered by tuition.  Tuition alone covers approximately 75% of these expenses. A successful Annual Fund Campaign depends on participation from every member of the school community – parents, faculty, staff, alumni, grandparents, board members, friends, foundations, and corporations. The Annual Fund will support our mission and maintain Judge Memorial as a premier educational institution.  Please make the Annual Fund your first priority in giving – this year and every year.  Your gift, in any amount, will make a meaningful difference for the students and faculty at Judge Memorial. Thank you. This year's Annual Fund Campaign began July 1, and ends June 30.  Every gift truly makes difference. You can help reach this year’s goal by making your gift to the school by check, credit card, or a gift of stock.  Click here to donate online now.

Tuition Assistance
Judge Memorial Catholic High School is committed to providing all students the opportunity to earn a diploma in a world-class college prep program. Active alumni and supportive community members supplement tuition assistance programs at Judge Memorial so that any student who wishes to receive a quality Catholic education may do so regardless of financial means. Your gift helps to pay a portion of a student's tuition for the year, a student who may have otherwise been able to avail themselves of the advantages that a Judge Memorial Catholic High School education brings. Your support makes a true and meaningful difference in the lives of real students with genuine need and true potential. Click here to donate online now.

Endowed Funds
Four endowed funds have been established at the Catholic Foundation of Utah to benefit Judge students. These funds will exist in perpetuity to support students in three categories.
  • The "Alumni Alliance Scholarship Endowment" will provide tuition assistance to students with qualifying academic records.
  • The "Demi Candelaria Scholarship Endowment" will support athletes participating in the girls' basketball and girls' soccer programs.
  • The "Mary S. Souvall In Memory of Sam W. Souvall Endowment" and the "Layne and Sandra Kresser and Family in memory of Joshua Sam Kresser Endowment" will provide tuition assistance to families based on need.