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Capital Campaign

Judge Memorial Catholic High School, founded by Mary Judge in 1921, continues to educate remarkable young men and women. Judge is widely recognized as one of the premier high schools in Utah, with an extraordinary faculty and outstanding community serving our diverse, co-educational student population.

While the traditions and education that sustain Judge Memorial are timeless, the buildings that house our students are not. The current classrooms, library, science labs, and fine arts facilities, need to match the potential of the students we serve. Our current school building is over 50 years old. The Class of 1961 was the first class to graduate from the “new” building and over 50 other classes have followed in their same footsteps.

A Capital Campaign Committee continues to evaluate the planning process that is necessary to implement a much needed building improvement project. The guiding principle is: "what is needed to assure students an outstanding education in a safe and inspiring environment." The plan will include how to best convert the original classrooms from 1961 into modern learning spaces that will enable teachers to engage in an environment suited for the 21st century. This building improvement project will take into account detailed estimates for the replacement of the mechanical and plumbing systems as well as recommendations for immediate upgrades to our cherished but aging facilities.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Susan Lollini, Advancement Director at Judge Memorial, 801-517-2166.