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NCAA College Recruitment

NCAA College Recruitment
Judge Memorial Catholic High School NCAA College Recruitment contact:
Mr. Dan Del Porto, ddelporto@judgememorial.com or 801-517-2172
Mr. Dan Del Porto is the school counselor charged with the responsibility of overseeing the important area of college athletics and college recruitment.

The Judge Memorial school counselors strive to be as proactive and comprehensive as possible in helping our students with all of their post-high school plans, including with our approach to the somewhat complicated process of collegiate athletic recrutiing. One critical area of support is in providing counseling and support for those wishing to pursue competing in collegiate athletics. In essence, what we hope to provide is a road map to college admissions and financial aid for all of our student athletes.

Any student wishing to pursue participating in college athletics should first make an appointment with Mr. Del Porto to discuss their plans. Mr. Del Porto will create a folder for the prospective college bound student athlete and discuss a number of important things during this initial meeting. Some of topics will include:
  • Handing out and discussing the guide for the prospective college-bound athlete.
  • Registering with the NCAA Clearinghouse.
  • Registering for the ACT and/or SAT.
  • Contacting college coaches of those schools they are interested and filling out on-line recruit questionnaires.
  • Figuring Core GPA as of six semesters.
  • Importance of setting up a meeting with current coach.
  • Communicating Summer Schedule to college coaches.
  • Back-up plans.
Although Mr. Del Porto is available for support and guidance, parents and students must keep in mind that the real responsibility with this process lies with them. The key is to start as early as possible so once the student gets to the summer between their junior and senior year (when “active” recruiting can typically begin) they are ahead of the game.
Please see below for helpful websites, links, and documents to download and/or review.
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Please note that beginning in 2016, potential recruits for any Division I athletic program will have to get a head start on their academics, and that means it has to begin the fall they enter their frosh year of high school. NCAA Division II will require 16 core courses for students enrolling on or after August 1, 2013.
As of fall 2013, any student entering high school who hopes to be eligible and compete for a Division I university must do the following:
  • Complete 16 core classes.
  • 10 of the courses need to be completed and passed by the end the junior year of high school.Seven of those 10 classes must be in English, math or science.
  • The minimum Core GPA in those 16 core classes has been elevated from 2.0 to 2.3.NCAA Division II will require 16 core courses for students enrolling on or after August 1, 2013.
Classes in core areas currently not approved by the NCAA:
  • Elementary Algebra
  • Elementary Geometry
  • Elementary Biology
  • Sports Medicine
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Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete:  The Guide is a highly comprehensive tool, that has been designed to help you understand the NCAA initial-eligibility process and to prepare student-athletes for transitioning from high school to becoming an NCAA Division I or II student-athlete. 

Initial-Eligibility Brochure:  A quick guide to the standards and steps that it takes to become an NCAA Division I or II student-athlete.

Eligibility Center Quick Reference Guide:  A complete breakdown of the NCAA Divisions I and II initial-eligibility standards.

Division I New Academic Requirements Document:  This document discusses the new academic standards for student-athletes enrolling at a Division I college or university on or after August 1, 2016. 

Division II New Academic Requirements Document:   This document discusses the new academic standards for student-athletes enrolling at a Division II college or university on or after August 1, 2018. 

2012-13 Your Path to the Student-Athlete Experience Presentation (for Students):  A PowerPoint presentation for students and parents to provide insight into the registration and certification process. 

New Academic Standards PowerPoint:  

Additional resources are available for parents and college-bound student-athletes at the NCAA Eligibility Center High School Portal: