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Bring Your Own Device

Judge Memorial adopts a “Bring Your Own Device” Initiative

Judge Memorial Catholic High School continues the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative that begin in August 2014 for the 2014-2015 school year. To be able to live, learn, and work successfully in our information-rich society, students must be able to utilize technology effectively. Many students’ lives today are filled with technology that gives them ubiquitous access to information and resources, enabling them to pursue their interests in their own way and at their own pace. The opportunities are limitless, borderless, and instantaneous.

As a faculty and staff, we embrace the educational opportunities that BYOD brings.  Please note that students are not required to bring outside technology to school.  Students that do not possess a device may use existing technology at the school as available, or they may use traditional textbooks and notebooks for class work.

Educational Activities
Student devices may be used to access resources, complete assignments, and for personal organization. These devices are learning tools and will only be used to enhance the learning experience and expose students to online resources. The use of the device is at the sole discretion of the teacher. Phones are not to be used for talk purposes during the school day.  

Safe and Secure
To maintain a safe and secure learning environment, a filtered Internet connection will be provided for students. Students will not be permitted to use a personal broadband connection such as a 3G/4G phone network. Any unauthorized use can result in the device being confiscated, searched, and privileges being revoked. Judge Memorial is not responsible for any data or app charges that a student may incur from a service provider.

Students are solely responsible for their device. They must bring their own device to school fully charged and ready to use. Similar to other personally owned items, Judge Memorial is not liable for loss, damage, misuse, or theft.

Technical Support
Resources will be provided to help students connect their device to the school network. Your student must be familiar with how to use their device. Teachers will not be expected to provide technical support.