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Application & Admissions Process

Application Information For U.S. Applicants  (Click here for International application information)

Class of 2021 -- Fall 2017 Matriculation

Judge Memorial Catholic High School is currently accepting freshman, class of 2021, applications for the 2017-2018 school year.  Please submit the following to ensure accurate and timely processing of your application.
(Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year as space permits.)

1.  SUBMIT APPLICATION either online or paper application form

To Apply Online:

  • Click “Apply Online Now” link above or below
  • Create a Skyward Family Access account to apply. A temporary username and password will be sent to the email you provide
. *If you currently have a student at Judge Memorial, please login to Skyward Family Access and click “New Student Enrollment” to complete the application. *
  • Login to Skyward using the temporary password and username provided
  • Complete and submit the application

To Apply by submitting a Paper Application:

You can pick up an application form in the Judge Memorial main office, or print an application off through the above "Paper Application" link or from the attachment below.

Along with submitting the application, the following items need to be received: 

  • Report Card: For incoming ninth graders only. First Semester or First Trimester report card for 2016-2017. Report card must be complete and clearly list subject and student grade. It will be the parent/guardian responsibility to obtain the report card from their student's current school. Progress reports will not take the place of parent-access report cards.
  • Transcript: For incoming upperclassmen only (10th, 11th, 12th). Current unofficial transcript. Progress reports will not take place of the unofficial transcript nor will parent-access report cards. It will be the parent/guardian responsibility to obtain this unofficial transcript from their student's current school.
  • Current Testing: Current testing (within the past three years) from applicant's current school is needed for students who have an SAP, IEP, or a 504 Plan, and require or request these accommodations.
  • *Immunization Record: All applications must include, at the time the application is submitted, a currently dated and signed immunization record from the student's health provider. Immunization records or copies from the student's current school do not meet state requirements and will not be accepted. Immunization records must be completed in full, signed, and dated by a health official for the 2017-2018 school year.
*It is the policy of the diocese to only enroll students who have been immunized into our school system. The policy will, however, allow a student to be in our schools if they have an official Utah Health Department medical waiver on file with the school office. This form is usually available at doctors’ offices, and can also be obtained from the Utah Department of Health. No personal or religious exemptions are allowed.

2.  TAKE THE PLACEMENT EXAM (For Freshman Applicants Only)

The Judge Memorial placement exam is not an admission test, but informs our school counselors of the student’s academic progress. The cost of the exam is $25 (check or cash only). Payment due day of the exam. You will be contacted to schedule a time for the Placement Exam once the application has been submitted. 

3.  SUBMIT $100 APPLICATION FEE (Non-Refundable) 

All the above, APPLICATION, ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS, PLACEMENT EXAM, and APPLICATION FEE, must be completed and submitted before a decision can be made regarding acceptance.  


(Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year as space permits.)


The results of the Judge Memorial Placement Exam is part of the criteria used by school counselors to place students in courses that meet appropriate skill levels including Honors and AP courses. All incoming students take the Accuplacer Mathematics Assessment Test in March to determine math placement. (Incoming ninth grade students will sit for both the Placement Exam and the Accuplacer Assessment in March.) Students accepted for admission will be notified of their pre-assigned Accuplacer Assessment date in their acceptance letter. You do not need to pre-register for the Accuplacer Test. Please click here for more information on the Accuplacer Math test.


Admission to Judge Memorial is based on previous academic performance, placement exam scores, character, and the student's desire to join our community. When all admissions materials have been received and the results of the Judge Memorial placement exam are available, the application will be reviewed to determine the applicant’s status. All applicants who meet the January 30, 2017 priority deadline will be notified in writing no later than March 1 of their status. Applications received after this date will be reviewed and acceptance will be determined based on space in the class and the applicant’s qualifications.



School Tours/Shadowing and Admissions

Mrs. Suzanne Rainwater, Director of Admissions

801-517-2129, srainwater@judgememorial.com


Application Questions and General Information

Ms. Rita Scholl, Applications

801-517-2157, rscholl@judgememorial.com


Academic and Course Information

Ms. Bobbi Morgan, School Counseling / Director of Student Services

801-517-2137, bmorgan@judgememorial.com


Tuition and Financial Tuition Assistance Information

Ms. Debbie Knutsen, Tuition

801-517-2177, dknutsen@judgememorial.com


Ms. Carol Smith, Financial Tuition Assistance

801-517-2125, csmith@judgememorial.com


If you would like information on the admissions process for international students, please contact Mr. Makota Tagai in our International Students Admissions Office at 801-863-8611, intlstudents@judgememorial.com.